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Video: Car Insurance Sales Agent Interview

Car Insurance Sales Agent

  • Necessary Education: Some employers will hire agents that only possess a high school diploma although those with associate or bachelor’s degree, with coursework in finance, business administration, economics and marketing may be preferred. Each state requires agents to obtain a license, although each state’s requirements are different. Many states require continuing education classes for years to come on a regular basis. Further advancement in the insurance field requires further certification.
  • Special Training Required: No special training required, although being able to operate a computer proficiently, make cold calls to potential customers, answer customers’ questions about a policy, communicate well with customers, and be familiar with state insurance laws is preferred.
  • Prerequisite experience needed: Previous experience in insurance is not required because most companies have programs to train their salespeople about the products.
  • Job Responsibilities: Agents sell insurance coverage for vehicles, drivers and passengers and policies that protect customers from financial loss through damage, car accidents or auto theft. They also sell coverage for medical claims, property loss, natural disasters and vandalism. Agents who work as ‘brokers’ usually work on commission and will approach several insurance companies to shop around for the best deal for their clients. ‘Captive’ agents only work for one insurance company and are generally paid a salary.
  • Typical Salary Range: Makes about $62,970/year (each individual agent also receives more commission depending on how much they sell)