Career Theme: Social

Social – Helping, Instructing
Video: High School Teacher Interview


High School Teacher

  • Necessary Education: A bachelor’s degree is required. Teachers may complete a bachelor’s degree program in secondary education with an area of concentration in the subject that they wish to teach or major in their content area and minor in secondary education. Most secondary education programs prepare students for licensure.
  • Special Training Required: A license is required to be a high school teacher but private schools do not require a license. Student or mentorship teaching, a secondary or high school certificate, and background checks are required to obtain a license. Teachers’ permanent credentials can be achieved with additional coursework, exams and tests. Some teachers may be required to earn a master’s degree and a minimum amount of teaching experience.
  • Prerequisite experience needed: Student or mentorship teaching is required to obtain a license.
  • Job Responsibilities: High school teachers instruct students through classroom discussions, lectures and other methods and evaluate a student’s progress through exams and coursework. A high school teacher needs to be proficient in the subject matter as well as administrative and technological aspects of the classroom. Teachers should also be able to communicate effectively with parents, students, and other staff members.
  • Typical Salary Range: Makes about $50,000/year. Teachers that have a master’s degree may start at $47,000/year. Salary also depends on the subject that the teacher teaches.