Career Theme: Conventional

Forensic Accountant Necessary Education: Most employers require graduates with bachelor’s degrees in forensic accountancy. However, a master’s degree in forensic accounting or auditing is preferred by most employers. Special Training Required: Traditional accountancy principles and core practices. They must also be familiar with forensic collection, investigation, and analysis, interpretation of and testimony regarding data in […]

Career Theme: Artistic

Interior Designer Necessary Education: Most require a Bachelor’s degree. Many states require interior designers to be registered, certified or licensed. Continuing education is often required to maintain one’s license, certification or registration. Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree, one would most likely begin a one to three year apprenticeship program at a design or architecture firm […]

Career Theme: Realistic

Civil Engineer Necessary Education: Although most employers accept a Bachelor’s degree, some require doctoral or Master’s degrees. A civil engineer may start to work once he or she passes the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination. Special Training Required: A bachelor’s degree is standard for many entry-level jobs, while more advanced careers may require more training via […]

Career Theme: Investigative

Dentist Necessary Education: Most of these occupations require graduate school. For example, they may require a master’s degree, and some require a Ph.D., M.D., or J.D. (law degree). Special Training Required: Certification is needed. Some states require registration or licensure in addition to certification. Prerequisite experience needed: Dental school for four years with an internship […]

Career Theme: Social

Social – Helping, Instructing Video: High School Teacher Interview   High School Teacher Necessary Education: A bachelor’s degree is required. Teachers may complete a bachelor’s degree program in secondary education with an area of concentration in the subject that they wish to teach or major in their content area and minor in secondary education. Most […]

Career Theme: Enterprising

Enterprising – Managing, Selling Video: Car Insurance Sales Agent Interview Car Insurance Sales Agent Necessary Education: Some employers will hire agents that only possess a high school diploma although those with associate or bachelor’s degree, with coursework in finance, business administration, economics and marketing may be preferred. Each state requires agents to obtain a license, […]