Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the general process and the estimated amount of time involved?

Step 1: Initial Consultation- Complimentary initial consultation to discuss the suitable inventories and package. (0.5 hr)

Step 2: Test Taking- Participant work on the inventories under the supervision of our consultant. (1-2 hrs)

Step 3: Analysis & Assessment- Meet with our consultant for a verification interview for personalized analysis and accuracy. (1-2 hrs.)

We need to interview the parent/guardian and the child to verify the results. Most students find this very helpful through which they learn about themselves in this important process. We want to make sure they do not just pick and choose the answers in the inventories.

Step 4: Results and Action Plan- Get your report at our feedback session where our consultant provides interpretations and guidance on follow up action plans. (1-2 hrs.)

2. Where are the meetings held and how many times do I have to come in?

  • All meetings are held at our office in the City of Industry.
  • You’ll need to come in three times, usually once/twice a week.
  • You may choose to combine Step 2: Test Taking with Step 3: Analysis & Assessment, but this is not suggested as participants should give themselves ample time to complete the tests and be fully engaged with the interview process. This situation is especially discouraged for participants coming directly from a long day of school or work.

3. What are the opening hours for appointment?

Appointments can generally be made from Mondays to Saturdays 9:30am – 9pm depending on the availability of the consultants.

4. What is the difference of the various packages?

  • Career Direction – This package will assess your personal strengths and areas of interest in order to determine suitable occupations that match your personal strengths and have high potential for providing a fulfilling career.
  • Self-Strength – This package is very helpful particularly to elementary students in understanding their strengths. The results give their preferred styles of learning or processing information and tips on how they may learn best. This will enhance their learning potential and school performances. This information can also give you an idea of what types of career and environment your child may enjoy.
  • College/Job Search – Additional services are available if you would like our consultants do the research for you about the colleges and majors or jobs. Or we may provide guidance on where and how to search so you may do it yourself.

5. How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on which package you choose. The initial consultation is free. Please contact us for more details. Contact Us

6. Who will be conducting the consultation?

Agnes and Vanessa.

Agnes is a licensed marriage and family therapist, experienced mental health consultant,   PhD student in PhD clinical psychology. She has many years of experience doing assessments.

Vanessa is a management accounting professional and has many years working for corporate businesses.

See Our Team in About page.

7. Where are we located?


17181 E. Gale Ave., Unit C, City of Industry, CA 91745

For inquiry, please contact 626-810-5200 or