For 4th-8th graders and their parents.

What is this service about?

To help students and their parents recognize and understand each other’s learning style and multiple intelligence in order to enhance the child’s learning experience, and to grasp the prime time to develop the child’s potential talent. 

The service consists of two sections:

  • Both the child and the parent(s) are to complete two assessments based on learning style and multiple intelligences.
  • Partake in a family coaching session with  Dr. Agnes Ip, PhD, LMFT. 

In the meeting, Dr. Ip will: 

  • Explain the 3 different learning styles and the 8 kinds of intelligences.
  • Verify the accuracy of the assessment results.
  • Interview the child and the parents to identify the child’s strengths, and if there are any studying habits or learning methods that have hindered the child’s current function or performance.
  • Give guidance for parents to develop the best possible environment to support the child’s learning style and to empower his/her unique strength.

What is unique about this service

  • Both the child and the parent(s) are to take the assessment tests and attend the family coaching session, which provides the family an opportunity for open communication.
  • Increase both the child’s and the parent(s)’ awareness and understanding of their similarities and differences in learning styles that may affect their interactions.
  • Practical and effective coaching tips are provided for the parent(s) to help the child’s holistic growth.

Benefits for Student

  • Through understanding the preferred style of learning and information processing, the student may improve learning efficiency and enhance school performance.
  • Broaden horizon, maximize strengths.
  • Build confidence, increase motivation.
  • Custom roadmap for career satisfaction, enjoyment, fulfillment.

Benefits for Parents

  • Holistic approach to parenting
  • Custom parenting strategy and plans
  • Address challenges and difficulties in parenting
  • Build relationship, foster healthy interactions, establish nurturing environment
  • Enhance parenting effectiveness

Frequently Asked Questions

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