2017 Life & Soft Skills Summer Workshops

2017 Life & Soft Skills
Summer Workshops for Youth

Professional training designed to give high school students a competitive edge!
Learn to manage the following areas of your life…

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TUE/THU 7:30 – 9:00 pm   $25/class or $80/4 classes

TUE   7.18.17    Managing Emotions     ||    Learn how emotion, thought, and behavior correlate with one another and learn tools to practice managing emotions.

*NEW THU   7.20.17     Self-Defense     ||    Learn how to manage your safety through the art of self-defense and receive tips to protect yourself.

TUE   7.25.17    Managing Relationships     ||     Learn how to form more meaningful connections through expressing love and care and build lasting friendships.

THU   7.27.17    Managing Stress    ||    Learn the causes of stress and its impact on the brain as well as ways to deal with stress, so that it can be a constructive force in your life.


SAT 10am-12 pm   $40 (Limit 12 persons)

*NEW SAT   7.29.17   Makeup Workshop  ||   Learn how to manage your professional image through this hands-on makeup workshop.



626-810-520017181 E. Gale Ave., Unit C, City of Industry, CA 91745

Presence Possibilities aims to help individuals and families succeed through professional assessments and consultations identifying their personality, unique talents, culture, learning style, ideal college major and career. It is an initiative of Presence Quotient®, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based on Christian and family values.



2017 生活技能 軟實力夏令營

專業培訓 幫助家長與成年人自我成長在職場上自我增值


週二/四 晚上 7:30 – 9:00  每課 $25  或 四課 $80

週二   7.18.17    情緒管理     ||    學習了解及處理你的負面情緒,以正面的方式疏導和表達。

*週四   7.20.17    自衛術     ||    學習如何自衛,在治安日益敗壞的日子,以實際安全的方法自我保護。

週二   7.25.17    壓力處理    ||    學習壓力的成因和對大腦的影响及處理的方法, 讓壓力成為你的助力。

週四   7.27.17    人際關係    ||    學習如何透過自我了解和成長,配合正面的態度和技巧,建立更有意義並持久的關係及友情。


週六 下午 2點至4點半   $40  (名額限12人)

* 週六   7.29.17  化妝培訓    ||   學習如何透過化妝來提高你的專業形象,幫助增強求職的優勢。



17181 E. Gale Ave., Unit C, City of Industry, CA 91745

「活現潛能」專門提供專業評估及咨詢服務,旨在幫助個人及家庭認識自我性格,發掘獨特才幹,洞察文化影響,了解學習模式,找尋理想方向。它是由「活現」501(c)(3) 非營利機構所發展的一個項目,以基督信仰及家庭價值觀作為基礎。




Dr. Agnes Ip, Ph.D., LMFT (Managing Stress) is the Founder and CEO of Presence Quotient, a therapist, trainer and coach. She received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, has seminary training from Alliance Bible Seminary, and is a California Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She has more than 20 years of experience as a mental health therapist and also trains and coaches couples and families, professionals, small businesses, and organizations. She has trained professionals on how to resolve interpersonal conflict and how to work with difficult people and manage stress. Dr. Agnes is passionate about nurturing the next generation to serve in their families, workplaces, and culture.


Dr. David Phan (Self-Defense) has a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He has been a Martial Arts instructor since he was 17 years old and has trained students in K-12 and college. After finishing his degree from Cal Poly Pomona, Dr. David was hired by the First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo) to teach Martial Arts and Self-Defense to executives. Dr. David is actively trains his two children, age 8 and 10, in Martial Arts. Emphasizing hard work and discipline, his teaching is not about fighting but rather intense training to prepare for life.  He also teaches Martial Arts to First Evangelical Church of Diamond Bar on Sundays. Further, due to his understanding of common injuries associated with Martial Arts practices, he attracts both beginning and professional fighters and has trained professional fighters from the UFC and other fighting federations in the past.

Jennifer Wong (Managing Emotions for adults) graduated from Biola University with a Psychology degree. She earned a certificate of Graduated Gemologist from GIA in 1980. She was in the jewelry and diamond business for over 25 years. Besides work, she is involved in planning and coordinating programs for women and adult groups in Christian settings. She continues to speak and facilitate discussions in different meetings. Because of her passion for and background in counseling, parents and individuals often come to her to share their problems and seek her advice. She is married and has two adult children. She is currently a coordinator, consultant and a speaker at Presence.  She enjoys singing, reading, writing, shopping and fellowship time with friends and family.

Lily Ma (Managing Relationships for adults) graduated from York University in Toronto Canada and majored in Geography. She went to China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong after completing her undergraduate program and earned a Masters degree in Christian Studies in 1988. She then became a high school teacher and was active in student ministry. She moved to the United States in 1990 and has served in church, seminary and Christian organizations. Passionate about personal growth, she was a youth counselor for several years. In 2010, she joined Presence as a part-time coworker in publication and ministry coordination. She stayed home with her children throughout their growing years, and both are in college now. In her free time, Lily enjoys writing, singing and traveling.

Wicy Zhang (Managing Emotions & Managing Relationships for youth) graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.A. in Communications where she studied Photocommunications. When she’s not photographing or working, she serves at her church as a worship leader and takes part in leading the youth/young adult group. Through serving, she has been greatly challenged in the relationships she has built with her brothers and sisters which allowed her to emotionally grow and discover her heart for people. 


Christine Shen (Managing Emotions & Managing Relationships for youth) graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors of Arts degree in English and has four years of marketing, copywriting and event planning experience under her belt. She is passionate about psychology, personal growth, and developing interpersonal awareness. She currently serves on the leadership team of her church fellowship group and loves to spend her time traveling, writing, and photo journaling.


JJ Yang (Makeup Workshop) is a highly-rated makeup artist and stylist who founded J Concept Professional Makeup in 2010. She won the championship award from the first Maybelline China contest in 2004 in New York, and was assigned to be a regional stylist consultant in Asia. She has worked with many artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Over the years, she has been a coach and consultant at large-scale events and has offered many trainings in makeup, hair styling and etiquette. In this course, JJ will cover practical makeup skills, how to choose cosmetics and skin care products, and simple daily hair styling tips.