Faith and Career (Part 2) – Trusting God’s Plans

In Part 1 of our Faith and Career series we talked about what it looks like to be a light for Christ in the workplace and how we can maintain our identity in Christ even in a secular work environment. Another big part of applying our faith to our career involves trusting in God’s plans […]

Faith and Career (Part 1) – Being a Light in the Workplace

Today’s society often leads us to believe that being a Christian in the workplace is not allowed unless you are working in ministry. However, what one believes and values determines their work ethic, decision making, conversations and relationships on a day-to-day basis. The Apostle Paul encourages us to never separate our work from our devotion […]

Education and Career in an Unpredictable World

Since the pandemic started, youth and young adults entering their fields of study and potential career paths have had to endure unprecedented changes on a global scale. They have had to liken themselves to circus acrobats, flexibly changing and adapting their expectations, skill sets and goals with each new wave of news updates and local […]

Education, Faith, and Career Journey: RE:NEW Career Panel Highlights

Elizabeth Hughes  With the pandemic greatly affecting recent career trends, RE:NEW and Presence Possibilities teamed up on 11/05/2021, with the First Evangelical Community Church, to give youth and young adults the opportunity to hear from Christian working professionals about their experiences in the workplace and respond to many questions about new career opportunities. The speakers […]

Why is it Important to Have a Mentor?

BY: OPHELIA WEN Do you have a mentor in your life? Whether your mentor pertains to your career or to your relationship with God, having a mentor can make a significant difference in your life. I found Christ for the first time as a high school student in 2008. As the first Christian in my […]

Time Management: A Guide to Surviving College

BY: MARY GREENE   So you’re in college. School, clubs, work, social life–If you’re like the average degree-seeker, chances are your life feels like one big balancing act, threatening to come crashing down at any moment. Instead of shrinking, the mountain of things you have to do only seems to grow. You find yourself wondering […]

How to Find God’s Calling

“God is faithful, through whom you were called into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” (1 Corinthians 1:9) Trying to find God’s calling for your life can be a challenge. For myself, I wasn’t the type of person who always knew where I was going and what I was supposed to do for […]

How to Be a Servant Leader When You Feel Trapped at Work

Today’s business self-help books are written for people in a variety of positions. To my surprise, however, only a handful of these books mentioned servant leadership, which our Lord Jesus modeled to us. What can we gain from learning how to be good servant leaders? Several years ago, I was promoted to a management position […]

Thinking about a Career Change?

Questions to Consider Before Changing Careers BY: GIL TAM   Are you considering a career change? Thinking about this possibility can be confusing or intimidating, especially if you have been working in your career for a few years. Changes can be difficult because most of us like to do things we’re familiar with. Some people […]

How to Increase Your Competitive Edge & Land a Job After You Graduate

BY: JOANNA WU   With the rising number of college graduates, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to secure a job. What can help you rise above the pack?  Selecting a Major in an Area of Growth Let’s say your favorite subject in high school was Latin; what if you selected this as your college major? The […]