1. What is the difference between the various assessment packages?

College Major & Career Exploration 

This package will assess your personality, personal strengths, and areas of interest to determine suitable college majors/occupations that have a high potential for providing a fulfilling career. The consultant will also work with you to search for the best colleges for that particular major of your choice.

Learning Style & Multiple Intelligences 

This package is beneficial, particularly for 4th to 8th Graders, in understanding their learning styles, strengths, and potentials. The assessment results reveal a student’s preferred learning styles in processing information. The consultant will provide parent(s) with coaching tips and advice on how to develop the best possible environment their child may learn best. As a result, this package will enhance their learning potential, school performances, and the parent and child relationship. The information learned will give parents an idea of what types of careers and environments their child may enjoy.

Marriage & Family Communication Enhancement: Personality Assessment & Interpretation

Aim to gain a deeper understanding of the personalities, the core values and the way decisions are made of yourself/spouse/family members, so as to cultivate a harmonious and intimate relationship.

College Major or Career Path Change 

For returning clients, the consultant will re-evaluate the previous reports and re-identify any new interests and passions together with the client.

For new clients who are considering changing jobs or careers, or are looking for consultation; we recommend scheduling a one-on-one consultation meeting. Certain suitable inventory tests may be required to take before the consultation meeting would take place.

2. What is the general process and the estimated amount of time involved?

Step 1: Initial Phone Consultation

We would like to understand your needs and expectations; and discuss the suitable inventories and package, fees, and procedures of the particular service you may be interested in. (30 min.)

** Please email us at info@ppossibilities.org now to set up your FREE initial phone consultation.

Step 2: Test-Taking

For College Major & Career Exploration & Marriage & Family Communication Enhancement: A link to the inventories will be emailed to the Participant to work on at their own pace. (0.5-1 hr.)

For Learning Style & Multiple Intelligences: Children & parent(s)/guardians will either come into the office or meet virtually to work on the inventories under the supervision of our consultant. (0.5 hr.)     

**Payment must be received before the assessment test’s link is sent to the participant.                                           

Step 3: Meeting with Our Consultant

For College Major & Career Exploration: Schedule a one-on-one meeting with our Consultant to verify, explain, and analyze the accuracy of the results of the assessment report, and guide the participant to identify the most suitable and desirable career path. (2.5-3 hrs.)

For the minor participant or those who would like to involve their parent(s)/guardian, after the one-on-one consultation is done, with the participant’s permission, the consultant together with the participant, will meet with the parent(s)/guardian to explain the process and how the result has come about (1hr.)

For Learning Style & Multiple Intelligences: The consultant will introduce and explain the 3 learning styles and the 8 intelligences. The results of the assessments will be verified through interviewing the parent(s)/guardian and the child during the meeting.  Customized coaching tips will be given to the parent(s)/guardian to improve the child’s learning effectiveness. (2.5 -3hrs)

**1- 2 additional coaching sessions for the parent(s)/guardian could be arranged upon request with a fee.

3. Where are the meetings held and how many times do I have to come in?

All meetings are held either virtually or at our office in Rowland Heights, California. Generally, the participants will meet with the consultant once.

Participants of the College Major & Career Exploration service will meet the consultant again if parents are involved.

4. What are the opening hours for appointments?

Our office hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:15 am – 4 pm. Special arrangements on Saturday appointments could be made upon request, depending on the availability of the consultants.

5. How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on which package you choose. Please email us at info@ppossibilities.org for the service you are interested in. A representative will contact you and give you the cost and what that particular service entails. We also offer free initial phone consultation. For those who are from low-income families, we provide a financial sliding scale. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details. Contact us

6. Is there any discount for low-to-moderate-income (LMI) individuals and families?

We offer discounts as low as 50% off to low-to-moderate-income (LMI)  individuals and families, and you can make payment in 2-3 installments.  Supported documents dated within the last 6 months ( unless it is an annual document, like a tax return) are needed to prove eligibility.

Please see the 2023 Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart

7. Who will be conducting the consultation?

Dr. Agnes Ip, PhD., LMFT.

Dr. Ip has more than 20 years of experience in the psychological profession; and many years in conducting assessments to elementary, high school, and college students. She also coaches professionals, small businesses, and organization owners. She has provided training to high-level executives in human resource management to resolve interpersonal conflict and work with difficult people. She has coached professionals in the marketplace as well as church and pastoral staff workers.

**See more of Dr. Ip’s biography at Our Team on the About page.

8. Where are we located?

Office address: 1818 Sierra Leone Ave. Suite F, Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Mailing address: 20651 Golden Springs Drive, # 104 Walnut, CA 91789

**For inquiry, please call 626-810-5200 or email to info@ppossibilities.org.

9. Who are we?

Presence Possibilities, an initiative of Presence Quotient®, aims to help individuals and families succeed through professional assessments and consultations.  We are committed to prepare individuals to use their gifts to serve and to lead in the community, to pursue their calling and become godly servants and ethical employees.

** You are welcome to browse Who we are and our About us page at Presence Quotient website.