Presence Possibilities in the media:

5/08/15   活現潛能」教育獎助計劃 {International Daily News 國際日報)

“A child’s success is not only proportional to his learning, but also depends on his understanding and awareness of himself, talents and potential, which are all relevant in his pursuit of a suitable career direction.”


-Dr. Agnes Ip

5/12/15 「活現潛能」教育獎助計劃新聞發佈(國)(SkyLink 天下衛視)


5/20/15   Press Conference in regards to our Education Outreach Program

5/21/15   活現潛能 助清寒學生上大學 (World Journal 世界日報)

5/21/15 活現潛能 助清寒學生上大學(粵)(SkyLink天下衛視)

活現潛能 助清寒學生上大學(國)(SkyLink 天下衛視)

5/27/15 社區生活新聞
活現潛能專業評估 了解自己找適合的路(ETTV 東森)華人移民美國, 最重要的目的之一, 就是爲子女尋求更好的教育環境, 然而進名校出人頭地, 孩子需要找出一條適合自己的道路, 非營利機構”活現潛能”, 在多方面提供相關的專業評估 和諮詢服務