40 Day Impact Challenge

Date: 1/19-2/27/2015
40-Day Impact Challenge

We sincerely invite you and your church to participate Forty-Day Impact Challenge.

The Forty Day Impact Challenge is a call for Christians to set aside a period of 40 days to press into the Lord and seek His will for their lives. During this period, participants are encouraged to choose three personal challenges, and to accomplish them through prayer, fasting, worship and the reading of scripture for forty days. We will provide daily devotions on our website to help guide the participants. Here are some samples of challenges:

Read the bible daily
Spread the gospel to three persons per week
Spend less time online or on social media
Do exercise at least 30 minutes a day
Stop playing video game and etc.

Suitable for:
1) Adult (Chinese speaking)
2) Adult (English speaking)
3) Youth (English speaking)

Sign up for FREE: http://impact.renewtheresponse.org/get-started/

Date: 2/27/2015 (Fri)
Impact Praise night

On 2/27/2015, the last day of the Challenge, we shall host a praise night to celebrate your journey with God. There will be worship, message, testimony and sharing. We would like to invite your entire youth fellowship or individual to join us for free. Registration is required.

San Gabriel Presbyterian Church
200 West Las Tunas Drive,
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Time: 7-9:30pm

Sign up for FREE: http://impact.renewtheresponse.org/get-started/

Website: impact.renewtheresponse.org
For inquiries: 626-810-5200