For high school students, college students, and those seeking to change jobs or careers.

What is this service about?

To identify careers you can/may be passionate about and the majors that can get you there.

Provide one-on-one consultation, personalized integration, analysis. To explain the results, including the top interested occupational themes, personality strengths and weaknesses, and work styles.

At the meeting, Dr. Ip will :

  • Go over and discuss the assessment reports in detail and verify the results of the reports.
  • Explore the components of your personality, uniqueness,  values, and how they can work together with your desired major and career.
  • Identify suitable majors and/or career possibilities that you may enjoy.
  • Guide you to align your personality with your professional relationships. 
  • Then, with your permission, meet with your parents to discuss the results. 

How do the assessment results differ from those in school or college?

  • Our assessments combine two areas: interests and personalities. These integrated results are not found in regular educational/ academic assessments offered in school or college.
  • The results are generated from a database of 70,000-90,000 working adults who are successful in their occupations and share the same interests and personality as the client. As a result, it will more accurately identify the major and career path most suitable for the participant.

What does this service offer that high school or college career centers don’t?

  • We provide holistic attention to our clients.The entire consultation session will take about 2-3 hrs; this amount of attended time is time that a regular high school or college cannot afford to provide.
  • Our consultant, Dr. Agnes Ip, Ph.D.LMFT, will meet with the client one-on-one. 
  • Our consultant will research with the client the colleges that are well known in the client’s desired major. 
  • Professionals working in the client’s desired occupation may be arranged to talk to the client so as to help the client understand the pursuing occupation in a more practical way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us for FREE initial consultation.

  • Office address: 17181 Gale Ave. Unit C, City of Industry, CA 91745
  • Office phone # 626-810-5200
  • For inquiries please email to
  • Services are held at our office (or via Zoom for long distant client) by appointment only