What our clients are saying about our consultants and services:

Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences

What I found most helpful and beneficial about the service:

“They are sincere and eager to help.”

Parent of a 5th grade child

“Knowing the Child’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Parent of a 7th grade child

“Professional advice on the learning styles. I used to lean towards there’s only one ‘proper’ way to learn and do things.”

Parent of a 5th grade child

Comments on our consultant’s service:

“Very accurate and helpful.”

Parent of a 7th grade child

“My learning style is different from my kid. I understand my son’s personality better.”

Parent of a 8th grade child

College Major/Career Direction Assessment & Consultation

“Very thorough description and understanding about my personality. Incredibly useful resource for career guidance.”

Matty, High school senior

Self-strength assessment & consultation

“Personalized explanations were particularly helpful in helping me gain a better understanding of myself”

James Tsui, High school senior

What I found most helpful and beneficial about the service:

“Assessing my interest in what majors to prefer and what occupation to prefer.

I would recommend this service to a friend that has no idea what to do after high school.”

Allen Zheng, High school senior

“Seeing how attentive the consultants are at what you say through their spontaneous follow-up questions indicates how passionate they are in wanting to help you as an individual.”

College Student

Career Direction Assessment & Consultation

What I found most helpful and beneficial about the service:

“Learning about my personalities and comparing the result with other women in the interested/suitable occupation fields.”

Johan Wong, Recent college graduate

What I found most helpful and beneficial about the service:

“Explore the possible career path. I did not expect that I am suitable to be a paralegal. “-“Very professional. Especially Agnes. She can give me insight of what type of obstacles I may have in my career.”

Joyce Yip, Working adult

Workshops and Trainings

“It was nice to hear the trainer’s own experiences. It’s very helpful to know things that are needed (and not needed) in a resume.”

Michelle Pan, 6th grade

“I think the parts on what certain words (key terms) we may include in a resume was beneficial. It helps me understand what to write.”

Irene Chia, 9th grade

“[The speaker at the workshop] gave practical tips on how to approach the process of writing a resume and allowed me to feel equipped with the info and knowledge needed to write a resume.”

Timothy Huang, College freshman

“It lets me know what I should expect in interviews. Also when [the speaker] talks about being simple because I like to elaborate.”

Josey,10th grade