Money Matters Workshop – January 30, 2016

Did you miss our money management workshop last year? Take this opportunity to gain a healthy perspective of your finances. Learn to effectively manage your money and steward your resources. Just imagine what a small time investment of two hours can do for your financial future… Register online today and cash in on your future! For questions, please call 626-810-5200 […]

How to Increase Your Competitive Edge & Land a Job After You Graduate

BY: JOANNA WU   With the rising number of college graduates, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to secure a job. What can help you rise above the pack?  Selecting a Major in an Area of Growth Let’s say your favorite subject in high school was Latin; what if you selected this as your college major? The […]

Making the Most of Your Time in College

BY: DARRIN CHING With tuition rates on the rise, one of the major concerns that college students have is whether or not they are having a rewarding college experience. However, what exactly does this mean? How should you take advantage of all of the opportunities that a college has to offer and have a fulfilling experience? Here’s […]

Gil Tam – Passion for the Youth & Career Coaching

(Family Magazine February 2013 5th Issue) Interviewed by Joanna Wu Choosing a major and career can be some of the most difficult decisions for a young person. In Asian culture, well-known stereotypes and expectations exist, such as the respect that comes to those who pursue law, engineering, or medicine. There’s also society’s definitions of stature […]

Trends and Reasons behind Asian Americans’ Professional Choices

(Family Magazine February 2013 5th Issue) Agnes Ip It is no secret that Asian families strongly emphasize education. To compete for admission to an elite college, their high school-aged children spend most of their free time in tutoring and SAT prep classes. As for their majors, most Asians choose subjects in science and technology. When […]